Allison - Nevada City

My recent trip to Mexico was my first time visiting. I enjoy travelling and was able to turn the unfortunate condition of my teeth into a memorable vacation. I was treated for a root canal and an implant at Bokanova Dental Clinic over the course of two visits. The second included a planned follow up treatment. I was very impressed with the care, the facility, the staff, Cuernavaca, and its surrounding area. I paid no more than the amount quoted during my first consultation, despite the numerous x rays, some medications, transportation and unexpected work required to complete my treatment. The facility was clean and appeared to have comparable standards I am familiar with in the US. It's modern and thoughtful design resources natural light and fresh air (very calming). Each specialist was very personable, sincere, communicative, and considerate. No up-selling!! They took the time to explain in detail what they were doing and why. I have been contacted by my dentist regularly with inquiries of my progress and condition. As a female, I had apprehensions travelling alone in Mexico due to the recent safety issues mentioned in the news. After research, I learned of the specific states or regions that were recommended to avoid... and so I did. I felt safe. People I met were very friendly and hospitable. I applied the same precautions I use whenever and wherever I travel. With limited space, I can't describe the beauty of the region, or it's cultural and historical significance. You just have to see for yourself. The excellent treatment I received, which resulted in a healthy mouth, is a luxury I can't afford in the United States. I am grateful to everyone at this clinic for their services, professionalism, hospitality and helpfulness.


Sonovia - Cuernavaca

My treatment was excellent. The service was great and the procedure went smoothly. The prices were exactly as quoted and very reasonable in comparison with my country - The Bahamas.


Craig - Durham, NC.

I am very pleased with the service I got from Bokanova. The dentists spent a long time with me to be sure I was happy with the work. I was totally satisfied. And I can be demanding! No US dentist would have spent so much time with me. Also, the dentists did not offer me services I did not need. They explained clearly why I needed each treatment. The dentists fit me into their schedules, staying late when needed. The equipment they have is as modern as I have seen. The inside of the clinic is attractive.

By the way, the dentists are a father and his two sons! The dentist who did most of the work on me was Ivan, one of the sons. Gustavo is the dental assistant; he as been with Bokanova for 38 years! The dentists speak English adequately. Esteban, the other son, speaks it perfectly.


The prices were about 1/3 of US prices. Bokanova also has a clinic in Playa del Carmen. There is bus service directly from the airport of Mexico City to Cuernavaca. Very convenient. I recommend Hotel Royal in Cuernavaca. 300 pesos per night.


Vicki - Sebastopol, California

I can only say the best about Ivan Barragan Sena, the dentist I saw at Bokanova clinic in Cuernavaca. He was so patient with me, a very kind human being! Ivan speaks a little English but with my Spanish and his English we did well together. I had a few problems going on and all of them were either cleared up totally or he advised me that I didn't have enough time on this trip. Anyone would be lucky to find these dentists. Ivan's brother, Esteban speaks perfect English and advised me before and after about future possibilities for my tooth and impending possible implants. This was a very good experience and I may be back. For the money I saved, I can make another vacation here and I would not hesitate to return. Ivan told me a root canal would be $300 and my insurance will cover all but $70 of that. My insurance, Delta Dental covers work done in Mexico. At home it would cost me much more. I was staying in Mexico City but took the Metro alone to Taxquena and then the bus to Cuernavaca and then a 30 peso cab...not too difficult but almost 2 hours, but I was going to miss that city on this trip so I'm happy I went! Go ahead and give yourself a vacation in this lovely city, Cuernavaca and have all your dental work done too! I filled out Delta's claim form meticulously and Ivan and the rest of the staff completed all the paperwork I needed to send in the claim. The secretary even waited with me on the street out front for a cab, flagged one down when the one she called took too long and told the driver where I wanted to go It was such a good day compared to how I thought it might go. Thank you everyone at Bokanova!


Geraldine – Cuernavaca

I am delighted with the treatment provided by Dr. Esteban Barragan and his associates. Highly professional, spotless and up to date environment. I have no wish to tell you the amount of money I have spent on my treatment but will say that it was very competitive and reasonable for services rendered. Dr. Barragan is very solicitous and understanding, particularly in dealing with a patient such as myself, who suffers from a life-long phobia of dental work and needles. I would highly recommend his services.


Marcela - Playa del Carmen

En mi opinión la mejor opción en Playa del Carmen. Quedé muy satisfecha con sus servicios. ¡Altamente recomendado!


Bobbi - Denver, USA

Dr. Barragan is a GIFT! I'm a major dental phobic whop needed A LOT of work. My boyfriend, less a phobic, but equally dentally challenged also needed massive work.


I researched a number of dentists throughout the Yucatan, and we found Dr. Barragan. We feel so grateful that we found him (and this is after 7 implants, root canal, 3 extractions and more between). Smart, funny, gentle, communicative, experienced (Esteben comes from a family of dentists and was helping out at his dad's practice when he was a kid),strategic. He is a star.


The cost savings - tens, and tens of thousands of dollars - with a few days on the beach to boot. Run (or should I say fly!), don't walk. He and his team are superb.


Bonnie - Fletcher, USA

Esteban and staff were very personable and attentive. I had the most pleasant and laid back dental experience of my life. The implant placement was quick and relatively painless. I am actually looking forward to my return trip for the implant restoration. Highly recommended!


Petar - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Just started my implant job with Bokanova Dentist Center (Esteban & Rebeca) and the first impressions are great!! Their friendliness and professionalism make your stress disappear immediately!


I highly recommend everyone to visit them! Looking forward for a great final results!:)


Anthony - South Africa

Esteban and his team have renewd my faith in dentists. Their professionalism shines through in everything that they do. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing dental treatments.


Their work and profesionalism is of the highest standerd.




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