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Root canal or endodontic treatment is usually the best treatment to save a tooth and prevent it from being extracted.


This treatment by the endodontist is required when there is an infection or pulpitis, which can develop due to deep caries, dental fracture, tooth wear, erosion or abrasion.


This dental treatment is permanent and painless where the dental pulp or necrotic tissue is extracted, leaving the space covered in an aseptic way.


Thanks to the technology we have, before performing the treatment, 3D x-rays are taken to verify the diagnosis and treatment plan.


We also have an operating microscope which allows our specialist to reduce the size of the opening and perform endodontics with great precision, guaranteeing the desired results.


On some occasions, once the treatment is finished, the reconstruction of the tooth is required with a crown or dental veneer to give it its aesthetic appearance again and protect the piece from suffering fracture.