We have the best technological advances in dentistry in order to obtain accurate and immediate diagnoses.


Kodak 9000C 3D X-rays allow us to take digital panoramic radiography with which the quality is optimal and the result is immediate. This study gives us an overview of your oral health in order to generate a diagnosis.


We can also perform 3D CT-Scan, which helps us in oral surgery to observe a specific area in three-dimensionality. This study allows us to know the real bone density and with it the planning of surgical extractions, apicoectomies and placement of dental implants.


Digital cephalography with diagnosis in orthodontics allows us to provide you with a better diagnosis and proposal for orthodontic treatment in a short time, since through this technology we can appreciate the appropriate lines to perform the necessary movements during your treatment.


All of our cubicles are equipped with RVG digital radiographs to take individual x-rays as needed during the consultation.


Since our dental laboratory is located within the facilities, we have the technology of Cerec Cad / Cam; which allows us to scan your mouth avoiding the taking of impressions that was used in the past and was quite uncomfortable. It also allows us to design and create the necessary restorations in your treatment as soon as possible.


Your health is our priority and therefore all the restorations we carry out are metal-free.

In all our treatments we use high quality dental materials.


Our hygiene, sterilization and disinfection control protocols are managed under the highest quality control standards. CE, ISO 9002: 2008, WHO, OSHA and ADA; taking care of your health, avoiding infections and guaranteeing the effectiveness of treatments.