We offer the best technological advances in dentistry worldwide, including free Kodak 9000c x-ray studies such as: cone beam CT-scans for oral surgery and dental implant treatments, digital ortopanthomography, and digital cephalography with orthodontic diagnosis, RVGs in all of our 6 individualized cubicles, Diller & Diller therapeutic laser for all our patients.


Using all the newest advances in dental treatments, we offer you only the best for your oral health, minimizing swelling, pain or any other discomfort.


We count with the newest cad-cam structure technologies which ables us to create your prosthetic needs (crowns, inlays or veneers) in a very reduced amount of time.




Our hygiene control, sterilization and disinfection protocols are managed under the highest quality control standards. CE, ISO 9002:2008, OSHA, ADA